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From Aliados Avenue to Ribeira - Porto (EN)

Leaving the Aliados Avenue, requalified by Souto Moura and Siza Vieira, both Pritzker architecture awards, we walk in downtown Porto, going down Mouzinho da Silveira street and, in minutes we can see the river Douro, between the old buildings.

Ribeira photo

This is Ribeira, recovered in the last years. On the weekends, the river banks become crowded with its esplanades full of people, people selling handicrafts, street musicians; we can appreciate the metallic geometry of the D Luis I bridge on the opposite bank and the Rabelo boats which used to carry the Port wine barrels to the wine cellars in Gaia.

Close to the Bom Sucesso market and hotel you have Casa da Musica is an example of Porto's cultural modernity, which it stands out for it's bold design and high-quality programming, from wold music to classical music.

Casa da Música photo
Casa da Música

Joao Pires

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