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Trams in Porto - Portugal (EN)

Trams in Porto - Portugal
Trams in Porto - Portugal

The tram system of Porto, Portugal currently has three regular routes.

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Restaurante Casa Carioca - Porto - Campanhã

Faixa de preço 5 € - 20 €
Cozinha Portuguesa
Bom para: Cozinha local

Comida:___ 90%
Serviço:___ 85%
Preço:_____ 90%

Restaurante Casa Carioca photo by Joao Pires
Restaurante Casa Carioca

  • Francesinha
  • Tripas à Moda do Porto
  • Cozido à Portuguesa

Restaurante Casa Carioca photo by Joao Pires
Restaurante Casa Carioca

Casa típica portuguesa. O serviço é rápido. Serve pratos típicos portugueses.

Comida Portuguesa

Restaurante simples quase tasca, bem decorado, com um atendimento afável e óptima comida!
A Ementa não apresenta pratos muito elaborados, mas o sabor dos mesmos é muito bom!

Restaurante Casa Carioca

Rua Miraflor 211
4300-334 PORTO

telef 224008518

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Port Wine Cellars

In the historic center of Gaia, the Port Wine Cellars tell the story of the most famous Portuguese product.

When we go through the left bank of the River Douro, where is the Cais de Gaia, is common across with a high influx of people, tourists and local visitors, who want to know the homes of the famous Portuguese heritage: Port.

Port wine cellars photo by Joao Pires
Port wine cellars

This desire to know the famous "Porto" brings people from various part of the globe, pushing the wine cellars of Porto to organize guided tours where you can delve deep into the history of this nectar.

Visits last about thirty minutes and are performed in groups according to the language of the tourist.

During visits you can view a film about the caves, receive information about the history and production of Port wine, guidance as to the assignments that are assigned to different types of port (ruby, tawny, vintage, reserve, among other ) still being advised on the best way to store wine .

Port wine cellars photo by Joao Pires
Port wine cellars

The high demand for cellar tours is due to partnerships with travel agencies, national and international, as well as tour operators.

No less important is the recognition of Oporto as a great tourist spot, a fact which led him to win for the second time Best European Destination 2014. Among the tourists from cellar tours are Brazilian, Spanish, German, English and French.

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What attracts tourists to the Best Destination in Europe 2014?

What attracts tourists to the best destination in europe?

Porto was the first city to win the Best European Destination premium for the second time, repeating in 2014 the award obtained in 2012.

Torre dos Clérigos

When a tourist visits Porto, agreeableness highlights, your way of being, as they sing and behave.

This year, several airlines have opened routes and flights from Porto.

Porto closed the year 2013 with 14% of overnight stays compared to 2012.

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Gaia harbor

The Gaia harbor has modern restaurants serving from typical dishes to international cuisine and also wine cellars where you can taste Port wine.

Gaia harbor photo by Joao Pires
Gaia harbor

The Gaia harbor has also undergone renovation. A number of buildings with a contemporary architecture which have bars and restaurants with varied cuisine, national and international share the space with places connected to the wine tradition:

wine cellars of the centennial Port wine photo
wine cellars of the centennial Port wine

the wine cellars of the centennial Port wine producers where one can taste the best wines in the region - and, sometimes listen to fado.

On the banks, you can see the cruise boats which carry tourist up the river towards the heart of the Douro wine country in Pinhão.

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From Aliados Avenue to Ribeira - Porto (EN)

Leaving the Aliados Avenue, requalified by Souto Moura and Siza Vieira, both Pritzker architecture awards, we walk in downtown Porto, going down Mouzinho da Silveira street and, in minutes we can see the river Douro, between the old buildings.

Ribeira photo

This is Ribeira, recovered in the last years. On the weekends, the river banks become crowded with its esplanades full of people, people selling handicrafts, street musicians; we can appreciate the metallic geometry of the D Luis I bridge on the opposite bank and the Rabelo boats which used to carry the Port wine barrels to the wine cellars in Gaia.

Close to the Bom Sucesso market and hotel you have Casa da Musica is an example of Porto's cultural modernity, which it stands out for it's bold design and high-quality programming, from wold music to classical music.

Casa da Música photo
Casa da Música

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Mercado do Bom Sucesso - The New Porto (EN)

The northern city is renovating itself with spaces which convey the Porto tradition better and present the city with elements of modernity.

Bom Sucesso
Bom Sucesso

As soon as we transpose the stylized arches of the former Bom Sucesso market we discover an ample and modernized space with a lot of natural light coming from the glazed surfaces. A series of kiosks, with a modern design, offer different types of degustation, from gourmet to the best regional products. Visitors sit at the tables made available having a taste at the multiple gastronomical influences.

But, in a contiguous space, there is also the traditional old market with fruits and vegetables, beef and fish.
It reopened in june last year and is one of the examples of the renewal, allied to the tradition, which is happening in Porto.

Near Bom Sucesso: Casa da Música

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Igreja Congregados church - Porto - Portugal

The Church Congregados is located in the Plaza de Almeida Garrett, the city of Porto, in Portugal. 

The church was built in 1703 on the old chapel that was in place, dated 1662, which was destroyed a few years prior to the construction of the church. 

The chancel was rebuilt in the nineteenth century and received the murals Acácio Lino, since the tiles of the façade are by Jorge Colaço and stained Robert Léone and 1920's.

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Contemporary Art Galleries - Rua Miguel Bombarda - Porto

It's worth spending some time at the most avant-garde spots in town, in the Miguel Bombarda area or in any of the "arts neighborhood", 

contemporary art gallery at Rua Miguel Bombarda
contemporary art gallery at Rua Miguel Bombarda
where you fill and where every two months there is a several contemporary art galleries, alternative fashion and design stores and where every two months there are simultaneous vernissages, with varied activities and street animations.

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Casa da Música - Porto

The Casa da Música is one of the 15 concert halls more "spectacular" in the world. According to study with data about buildings and high public and economic value that includes the living Porto shows a short list.

Casa da Música - Porto
Casa da Música - Porto

The modern concert halls no longer rely only on excellent performances: currently, also have notable architectural features, offering the audience a great show even before it arrives to their seats.

Mindful of this reality and the fact that, increasingly, the concert halls are built to excel through their shapes, colors and attractive materials.

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Porto city - The second largest city in Portugal

Porto city

The second largest city in Portugal has a very characteristic charm which involves the senses of all those visiting it, always procuring a wish to return. 

Ponte D Luis I - Porto
Ponte D Luis I bridge - Porto

It's historical center with a varied and rich architecture due to which it was classified as Mankind Cultural Heritage in 1996, Porto has to offer as magnificent urban landscape where historical heritage mingles with modern and cosmopolitan traits.

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Porto city

The chillier days are perfect to visit this welcoming city, cosmopolitan as few and with a lot of History and Culture.

chillier days
chillier days

In the morning, have your breakfast at the mythic Café Majestic, the oldest café in town, dating from the 19th century,

Majestic Café
Majestic Café

and go for a walk in Oporto's historical neighborhood, classified by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage in 1996.

glass of Port wine
glass of Port wine

In the evening, enjoy the poetic sunset over the river town preferably at an agreeable esplanade, sipping a glass of Port wine.

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Porto coffeehouses

The coffeehouses with history in Porto are real visiting cards of the city. Downtown, one can find a few which stand out by their cultural dimension, hosting the most diverse events, such as social gatherings.

Majestic Café
Majestic Café
Beginning and ending on the facade inside the Café Majestic remains a beautiful setting for cultural events. This is the Belle Époque 'alive' at Majestic Café.