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Ribeira - Porto

Ribeira is one of Porto's most ancient and attractive places, It is located next to River Douro and it is part of city's historical centre, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.

It is know that, since the 12th century, this area was expanded with the construction of houses and stairways, and the opening of streets and narrow lanes.

The big development felt during the 14th century was translated into the increasing importance of maritime and commercial activity.

inside Ribeira

At the beginning of the 15th century, Ribeira used to get crowded with people connected to the river and the sea, it was a world of merchants and created bourgeois, its centre being in Praça da Ribeira.

Nowadays it is much visited area by tourists, with several bars, esplanades, restaurants and handicraft shops.

Restaurant at Ribeira - Porto
Restaurant at Ribeira - Porto

The houses at Ribeira form a unique set, illustrated on the city's postcards and revived on the eyes of it's visitors.

by Joao Pires

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