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Porto - Portugal (EN)

A country is born, a nation is made, it grows, it earns identity and memories, Portugal is born in the North.

History is built at the fortified villages, at the roman paths, in the medieval churches, in the ancient manor houses and in each stone remaining from the castles.

Castelo de Guimarães
Castelo de Guimarães

The origins of our people are linked to the city of Guimaraes and to the bravery of our first King, D. Afonso Henriques, who went down towards South, conquering lands owed by the Moors.

In the Northern Portugal, cultural richness and natural beauty are unique and diverse.

Minho has in it's heart stories from brave women. The coastline, next to the Atlantic blue, is rich in salt, seaweed and legends about the fishing and the sea.

The coastline, next to the Atlantic blue
The coastline, next to the Atlantic blue

The hills share their space with the granite and the green from the forests, where branchy trees prevail, like oak and beech trees. Together they form parks with single beauty, like the Parque Peneda-Geres park.

Parque Peneda-Geres park
Parque Peneda-Geres park

In lands of beliefs, religion in fundamental to the devotees, and there are endless constructions in devorion to God. The city of Braga is an example of the religiousness experience.

Granite is one of the symbols of the North, and it's touch, rough and hard, resembles the hands of it's people, hands of effort and hard work.

This representation is reflected on the streets and façades of Porto, Guimarães or Ponte de Lima, where men and women contradict the austerity of the stone with the smiles which light up the way.

Porto is a city of bridges in all senses. To cross them is to travel in time. It's to begin a juney of memories from the rabelo boats till the balconies of the houses of Ribeira. Porto is an open door to welcome those with goodwill. It's an invitation to discover the Port Wine route and the Douro's terraces.

Gastronomy is vast and varied, becoming one of the attractions of this region. From the fish cuisine, typical of the coastline areas, till the game dishes from the mountainous regions, the chice is of great quality.

To trave through North is to say "here I felt, smiled, loved and prayed". It is to say that Iet myself be carried by the current of memory... and I wish I had stayed.

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